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This time ENEA is coming to your home!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Despite our disappointment for not being able to convene in Porto, the ENEA is extremely thankful to Prof. Davide Carvalho, head of the Local Organizing Committee, and to the organizers of this meeting, Norah’s events, for making it possible for us to take advantage of sharing the outstanding scientific programme prepared by the Programme Organizing Committee (POC) led by Niki Karavitaki. The POC did a great job to adjust this programme to the remote nature of the congress, with more concise talks and an adapted schedule but still with all plenaries including the Rolf Gaillard Prize lecture, and usual sessions. Our industrial partners must also be thanked for fully maintaining their support and all our members for submitting so many excellent communications. There is no doubt you’ll enjoy this edition of the ENEA congress both during live sessions and in replay.

Warmest wishes to all.

Take care!

Thierry Brue

ENEA President

Dear Friends,

Extraordinary situations demand exceptional solutions. We are experiencing an unprecedented moment in the history of the European NeuroEndocrine Association. The current pandemic restricts our ability to travel, but does not prevent us from continuing to study, carry out research, reflect, publish, and process data in the area of neuroendocrinology.

As the Portuguese poet Manuel Freire said: “No axe exists that cuts through the root of thought”. This is the reason why we recognise the particular challenges that are facing us. As it is impossible for you to all travel to our city of Porto, we have embarked on a journey to organise a congress which will for the first time take us to yours. We are sure that we will receive a warm welcome and that during the opportunities for networking we will be able to strengthen our friendship and our common appreciation of Neuroendocrinology.

Welcome to the virtual ENEA Congress!

Davide Carvalho, MD, PhD

President of the Local Organizing Committee

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the superb POC I had the honour to work with, I would like to welcome you to our ENEA 2020 meeting, the first virtual ENEA congress. We have put together a programme covering basic, translational and clinical aspects of our discipline adapted to the demands and limitations the COVID-19 era brought in our lives.

We do hope this event will be another opportunity for learning, expanding horizons in our clinical practice and research, networking and celebrating the amazing world of Neuroendocrinology which, with no doubt, captures the heart of so many scientists, health care professionals and students.

Many thanks to the ENEA Executive Committee, the LOC, the invited speakers, the Norah’s events team and the sponsors for their continuous support during this remarkable journey!

Warmest wishes to All,

Niki Karavitaki

Trav. Álvaro Castelões, nº79, 2º andar-sala 9
+351 220 164 206
Porto, Portugal
29th November - 2nd December 2020