About European NeuroEndocrine Association

The European Neuroendocrine Association (ENEA) was founded in the early 1980’s to promote, assist and integrate neuroendocrinology in all its aspects, both basic and clinical, throughout the European continent. It organizes biennial meetings in a European center to discuss and explore the latest research and concepts in current neuroendocrinology, and also to educate and enthuse endocrinologists in training. Previous meetings were held in Munich (2002), Sorrento (2004), Athens (2006), Antalya (2008), Liege (2010), Vienna (2012), Sofia (2014), Milan (2016), Wroclaw (2018) and for Porto we expect about 500 participants.

The scientific content of the congress has a very high standard and aims a programme that brings the latest of neuroendocrine research as well as discusses the most novel treatments in the field.

Executive committee


Thierry Brue (France) 2018-2020

President elect

Ilan Shimon (Israel) 2018-2020


Maria Chiara Zatelli (Italy) 2018-2022


Patrick Petrossians (Belgium) 2016-2020


Davide Carvalho (Portugal) 2016-2020

Rosario Pivonello (Italy) 2016-2020

Lucio Vilar (Brazil) 2016-2020

Kristi Alexandraki (Greece) 2018-2022

Nienke Biermasz (NL) 2018-2022

Raul Luque (Spain) 2018-2022

Misa Pfeifer (Slovenia) 2018-2022

Luis Perez-Rivas, EYRC rep (Germany) 2018-2022


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Trav. Álvaro Castelões, nº79, 2º andar-sala 9
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Porto, Portugal
29th November - 2nd December 2020